Amanda Bynes bikini body looks healthier than ever

amanda bynes bikini
amanda bynes bikini

Amanda Bynes bikini body looks great, and healthy. The troubled actress seems to be getting her life together, and has been doing well after leaving a psychiatric hospital and being treated for bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia.

Amanda Bynes bikini body looks healthier than ever

Bynes hit the pool during a vacation with her family, whom just last year she was at odds with, and slamming on social media.

Amanda Bynes bikini shots show a much healthier looking version of the actress, who is currently enrolled in fashion school.

Bynes spending time with once estranged family

Amanda looks happier than she has in a long time, and even shouted out fans via Twitter for sending her tons of well wishes for her 28th birthday.

The actress rocked a yellow bikini, as fans are so happy to see her getting her act together, and spending time with her family again.

The photos were taken in Cabo San Lucas, where Amanda says she and her family were vacationing for Spring Break.

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