Alfonso Ribeiro officially confirms he will be dancing “The Carlton” Monday’s ‘DWTS’

'DWTS': Alfonso Ribeiro reveals he will dance "The Carlton" on 'DWTS'
'DWTS': Alfonso Ribeiro reveals he will dance "The Carlton" on 'DWTS'

Alfnso Ribeiro fans have been awaiting the news and now it is official Alfonso Ribeiro has officially confirmed that he will be performing his famous signature Fresh Prince of Bel Air” dance “The Carlton,” on ‘DWTS.’

You asked for now it is happening Alfonso will dance “The Carlton”

It is happening on the upcoming October 6th episode of ABC’s ‘DWTS’ and fans are anxiously awaiting to see if Carlton still has it all these years later, Alfonso Ribeiro also reveals he has a few added surprises in store this season fr his fans.

“It is actually happening. We are doing it this week. My feeling was, you know, I’ve continuously gotten asked, ‘When am I doing it? When am I doing it? When am I doing it? When am I doing it?’ Literally, every interview I get that question. This will be great because I’ll no longer get to be asked that question in the interview. [Laughs] They’ll have to come up with something different. Yeah, so getting it out of the way, we felt like this would be the right time to do it,” said Ribeiro.

Everyone has been asking even if it is only in their own mind the same question, it is now speculated that this upcoming episode of ‘DWTS’ is going to have record views, and that the judges will most likely out of nostalgia if anything alone will score the dance team on the higher side.

Alfonso Ribeiro goes old school on ‘DWTS’

Now we have another huge question, could Alfonso Ribeiro possibly have a special guest in the audience this week, could Will Smith make his way to the ballroom to support his former TV Cuz?

How well do you think Alfonso Ribeiro will do performing “The Carlton” this week on ‘DWTS’ will you be tuning in for the Carlton wow factor alone?

Alfonso Ribeiro boogies to “The Carlton” on “Dancing with the Stars” on Monday at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC.

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