Alec Baldwin arrested in NYC

alec baldwin arrested in NYC
alec baldwin arrested in NYC
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Alec Baldwin has been arrested. The “30 Rock” star was taken into custody on Tuesday, May 13, in New York City.

Alec Baldwin arrested in NYC

While some fans may jump to the conclusion that Alec assaulted a member of the paparazzi who was all up in his business, as he’s been known to do from time to time, it was nothing like that that landed the actor in handcuffs.

In fact, it was a seemingly minor crime. According to In Touch Magazine, Alec Baldwin was simply riding his bike the wrong way, and didn’t have any identification on him at the time that police picked him up.

Alec’s reaction to his arrest

An insider claims the actor was “calm and quiet” during his arrest. However, another onlooker says that Baldwin went “ballistic” on cops and was yelling and screaming at them.

More details on Alec Baldwin’s arrest are still to come. So stay tuned as this story develops.

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