AC/DC retirement rumors grow over band member’s serious health concerns

AC/DC news in that founder Malcom Young will be retiring from band due to health issues

Health issues spark retirement rumors for rockers AC/DC

AC/DC retirement rumors have hard rocking fans in an uproar, with speculation that the rock band may not be back this year, or at all.

AC/DC retirement rumors began to mount as news that one of the band’s original members Malcolm Young, 61, is experiencing some pretty serious medical issues.

The band is currently in Australia enjoying some family time as they await the decision as to whether or not AC/DC will or will not be retiring due to Young’s medical prognosis.

The Sydney Herald reports, “He is believed to be unable to continue playing, although there has not been any explanation why.”

News commentator Peter Ford revealed early Tuesday morning during a recent radio interview on 3AW that the news about AC/DC’s future ventures appears to be very grim at this point.

Band member’s failing health more serious than at first revealed?

“The suggestion is being put to me that tour will never happen and we will never see AC/DC perform again or record again.”

While it has NOT been confirmed Ford’s interview indicates that he has inside information that one of the band members is terminally ill and because of that, the band will hang up its long-running career.

They have a pact that, should one of them have to leave the band, no replacements would ever be made.

A person, who went by the name Thunderstruck, started the rumors via e-mail to 6PR. ”My information is that Malcolm Young has moved himself and his family back to Australia, he’s very very ill and that AC/DC may well be history.”

If this AC/DC rumor turns out to be legit this is sad news for not of the band, but for million of hard rocking fans that were looking forward to AC/DC returning to the studio to record a new album this May and embark on a 40th-anniversary tour per previous remarks made by the band’s frontman Brian Johnson.

So far the AC/DC talk is purely speculation and the band’s members, or managers have not made any comments regarding the news surrounding the group’s future, or personal health issues of any of the members.

AC/DC are an Australian hard rock band, formed in November 1973 by brothers Malcolm and Angus Young, and releasing their first album High Voltage, on February, 17 1975.

This is a trending topic today on Facebook as many fans await and are discussing the news of the fate of the hard rocking AC/DC.

This story is still developing and Hollywood News Daily will be updating information as soon as it is made available. Be sure to check back for future updates and press releases about the possible AC/DC retirement.

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