8 Controversial TV Series Finales

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The series finale of a TV show is always a big experience for its loyal fans. However, if those fans aren’t happy with the end result, it has the possibility to hurt the franchise, and royally anger the viewers.

With that in mind, here are 8 of the most controversial TV series finales of all time.

Lost – The “Lost” series finale was one of a kind. It’s revealed that they’re all dead! (Spoiler alert!)


Little House on The Prairie – “Little House” ended with the town of Walnut Grove being blown up by a railroad tycoon. Seriously, all that work to settle that town and they just blow it up? Grrr….

Seinfeld – The show about nothing ended with the gang talking about nothing. The group goes on trial, and are thrown in jail. The end. Hmm…


The Sopranos – Fade to black. That’s how it ends? The finale of the hit HBO series left viewers wondering WTF happened to their TV sets.

Roseanne – Dan is really dead, they didn’t win the lottery, and nothing is what it seems, it’s all just Roseanne writing a book about how she wishes things happened.


Dexter – Deb dies and Dexter fakes his death after sending son Harrison off to live with his serial killer girlfriend. So, what happens next?

Dinosaurs – It was our guilty pleasure, but the end of the comedy show was odd. Earl, the dino dad slowly kills the entire dinosaur population. Bummer!

How I Met Your Mother – ‘HIMYM’ is the latest TV series finale to piss fans off, as Ted’s wife is dead, and the story has really been about his love for Robin the whole time. Spoiler alert – Ted and Robin get back together for the 345th time.

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