6 Reasons We Love Dave Franco

dave franco

Dave Franco has quickly become one of Hollywood’s hottest names, and we’re revealing 6 reasons why we are totally in love with the youngest Franco bro. Check it out!

6 Reasons We Love Dave Franco

  1. He’s totes adorable – Seriously, Dave Franco is not only hilarious, but he’s got a face that makes the ladies swoon. We just love him.
  2. He’s Hollywood’s hottest new “It” guy – He’s starring with huge names like Woody Harrelson, Zac Efron, Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, and more!
  3. His got range – Not only can he makes us laugh hard, but he also has a flare for the dramatic. We can’t get enough.
  4.  Everything he’s in turns to gold – All of Dave’s movies since hitting it big have been just that…big! “21 Jump Street,” “Warm Bodies,” “Now You See Me,” “The Lego Movie,” need we say more?
  5.  He’s from a famous family – He’s a Franco, which means he’s the little bro of actor James Franco, who is also hilarious btw.
  6.  No creepy selfies – Unlike his brother, James Franco, Dave hasn’t been creeping out a lot of people by posting some racy, and weird, selfies on Instagram. Although, we may not mind some sexy selfies from Dave!

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