5 Must Watch Horror Movies for Halloween

It’s that spooky time of year again, and with Halloween right around the corner, everyone loves to curl up and watch a scary movie.

However, choosing the movie may be the difficult part as there are so many horror movies out there to watch this Halloween season. Below is a list of the must watch movies to see this Halloween

1.) Halloween – It’s a classic. Jamie Lee Curtis is perfect at the babysitter who’s stalked on Halloween night by Michael Myers.

2.)  Nightmare on Elm Street – What’s scarier than a man with knives for fingers who can kill you in your sleep?

3.) Friday The 13th – This classic teaches us why we should never goof around at camp after hours.

4.) The Exorcist – In one of the scariest movies of all time a little girl gets possessed by the devil himself, and what she does will give you nightmares!

5.) Psycho – Alfred Hitchcock didn’t need too much blood and gore to give viewers a scare, just a great and scary plot!

There you have it, five movies you must watch this Halloween with your friends, family, and more. They’re great to show at Halloween parties, during a casual movie night, or even when you’re home alone and bored.

Happy Halloween!

[Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons]

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