’16 and Pregnant’ star Ashley Salazar has tragic miscarriage

ashley salazar miscarriage 16 and pregnant
ashley salazar miscarriage 16 and pregnant

16 and Pregnant” star Ashley Salazar has had a tragic miscarriage after getting pregnant after reluctantly giving her daughter, Callie, up for adoption.

’16 and Pregnant’ star Ashley Salazar suffers miscarriage

Ashley and her boyfriend Justin were very excited about the pregnancy, as they have always struggled with their decision to give their daughter to Salazar’s aunt and uncle to raise.

However, this week the former “16 and Pregnant” star revealed the sad truth about her second pregnancy. “It has been really hard,” Ashley Salazar said, adding she’s feeling “really, really disappointed and upset.”

Ashley speaks out on her pregnancy problems

Ashley revealed to Radar Online that she was told she had a “blighted ovum” and even though she thought she was having a typical pregnancy “with a growing stomach” there was no embryo and everything had stopped forming.

Fans have been mostly supportive during Ashley Salazar’s tough time, but others have accused her of faking her pregnancy online.

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